The Journey Album Lyrics

The Giver

All my hopes and dreams are on the line
But it’s my hopes and dreams You must define
Remind me of the things that you've done
And show me what I am to become
Restore the light to my eyes
And show me the meaning of this life

To see it in the skies above
To see it in a family’s love
See it in a man who gives his life
And all of this is meaningless, like chasing the shifting winds
If You were not the giver of these things
I know You are in all of what life brings

My eyes can only see so far
I cannot always do what’s on my heart
But in my weakness You have made me strong
It is in Your truth that I belong
Restore the light to my eyes
And show me the meaning of this life

Show me the meaning of life
And show me my purpose in this time
To Your truth I'll open my mind
To Your truth I'll open up my eyes

To see you in the skies above
To see you in a families love
See you in the man who gave his life
And all of this is meaningless, like chasing the shifting winds
If You were not the giver of these things
I know You are in all of what life brings


Master of the Storm

Away at sea so far from shore
The stars that once guided me, I can see no more.
Darkness falls a blanket of the night
Will I awake to see another light?

Light flashes across the blackened waves
The wind begins to rise its mighty hand is raised.
Rain begins to pour, fog crawls across the sea
Into the unknown I must trust what I can’t see.

I’ve been called into the deep
I’ve sailed through the rain
Through the wind and through the night I’ll never be the same.
I’m the ruler of this ship I command this empty hull
But the Master of the storm is the Master of my soul.

The waves arch over me, giants looking down
I’ll meet the storm head on, I will not turn back now.
Will I be lost to the fury of the sea?
All hope is not lost, there’s still hope for me.

The clouds begin to drift the storm has given its best
The wind begins to calm the waves lay down to rest.
It’s not my skill alone that brings me to the shore
For I have not been sheltered from, but carried through the storm.

Days With You

I love wakin’ up to you in the morning
And takin’ the day to spend some time with you
Hittin’ the road to see a new place
We can take our time this ain’t a race
I love my days with you.

Baby let’s fly
Come on let’s go
Let’s leave it all behind

And as time passes by some things remain the same
And all I wanna do is go dancin’, go dancin’ in the rain
I’ll be a fool for you as long as I can make you smile
I love my days
I love my days with you.

I love the days that we can just take it easy
Everything’s more fun when you’re around
Hearing what you have to say
While sippin’ on red wine makes my day
I love my days with you

And time pulls at me
But time ain’t what my heart’s on
It’s a matter of whether we can keep singing these songs

See The Light

Too long have I waited
And too much have I faded
But I will not run away, I will make it
With You there I will face it

And I will move on
And I will run on

I’m nothing but a man
But You made me who I am
I cannot do what’s right, show me how
I’m desperate for You, I need You now

Help me see the Light
‘Cause I can’t go on without You by my side
Without Your eyes I am blind
So let me see the Light


I Will Go

Your light brings meaning to my day
How I long to be nearer to Your heart
But I’m kept from You
I’m hidden within this heart of stone
Help me to take this leap for You.

Behind these doors
Will I ever see Your face?

Can all the glory of man satisfy my soul?
Though I try I still can’t I can’t go on alone.
I will listen to the call if it costs me all I own.
I will lay down this life where You lead I will go.

M’pa jam pe ayan
Paske Jezi avemuen.

The Journey

I’m on my to find a better place
‘Cause I find hope in, hope in another day
'Cause this road’s so long, and I find myself looking back
'Cause I can’t keep track, of all the things I got wrong

Now my mind stays fixed on You
But is my mind what I should trust
No my heart won’t lead itself, but I, will see this journey through ‘til the end

I’m on my way, ain’t nothing else gonna stop me
I’m on my way, and I am not looking back

Now if my mind stays fixed on You, 
What do I have to fear?
No my heart wont lead itself, but with you, I will see this journey through ‘til the end


Kay’s Song

On that mountain top I asked
I asked for a chance to know your heart
Not by your cover would I judge
But by just a page at a time

And how the seasons change
With every breath I take
And with them, I fall more in love

How I love the little things
And every moment I can spend with you
I could not and never would
Change a single thing within your heart

And in His love we will abide
So take my hand, my love, my bride
From here we’ll go
 Where He chooses, where He calls, we’ll never know
And all along the way He will lead
I’m ready for it with you next to me

Your perfect smile your pretty face
It’s enough to take my breath away
Never thought I’d be standing here
Here with the woman of my dreams

Help me to be the man I need to be
And let it not be for my sake
Let nothing come between the love that we share
And let nothing separate


Man Of War

His feet have traveled vast and foreign land
With the weight of the earth and the future in his hands
And he fights not for the future of his own soul
But for the men beside him and for the ones back home

And he runs into the fight
His weapon at his side

The battle rages on and the dust fills the sky
Defeat seems near but victory’s in his eyes
And he does not stop ‘til he’s broken through enemy lines
No he will not run, he won’t turn from the fight

And he won’t cease until his purpose is fulfilled

Our man of war
He calms the storm

The smoke clears the air
And again they see the sky
Our hero has fallen
A wound is in his side
"It is finished" He says, "this is what I was made for.
Now shoulder your weapons and get back to the war.”

And with one final cry he goes into the light

Our man of war
He calms the storm

Our hero is gone but his Spirit still lives on
And because of His death His kingdom’s finally come
And we rest in the courage that gave us victory
And through His death we have been made free

Our Man of War
He calms the storm
Our Man of War