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Neshama's original sound reflects the beauty of the mountains where they grew up singing and playing. Best characterized as progressive bluegrass/country (with Celtic overtones), their stunning melodies and high-energy instrumentals have captivated audiences of all ages.

Travis and Isaac Bartow were homeschooled in the solitude of the Adirondack Mountains, without TV or cell phone reception (and yes, they are millennials). When Travis picked up several instruments at a young age, there was little influence from cookie-cutter culture. The uniquely beautiful music he began to create was as fresh as the air he  grew up breathing. Johnny Newell (who says his spirit-instrument is the banjo) began writing music with Travis when they were young teenagers, adding even richer complexity to their original sound. Johnny now has a B. A. in music composition and also plays guitar, sax, and bouzouki. Isaac joined them after studying under accomplished country pedal-steel man, Randy Rollman and plays the keyboard. Bryan Bartow, father of the Bartow brothers, serves the band on the djembe, on the guitar, and also as their mentor.

"Neshama," the Hebrew word for "soul" is derived from the Genesis account of creation, when God breathed "neshama" into man, giving him life. Neshama is certainly a breath of fresh air!

So go ahead...breathe in! And thanks for listening!

Travis Bartow: Lead Vocals, Bouzouki, Guitar, Violin, Banjo

Johnny Newell: Baritone Vocals, Guitar, Banjo

Isaac Bartow: Tenor Vocals, Piano

Bryan Bartow: Djembe  

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2017 Tour

        Date                                            Venue                                          Location                                                          Time            

  • November 11th, 2017       ICM Talent Final Competition     Generations Changers Church Nashville, TN        ALL DAY
  • October 31st, 2017                Fall into Autumn: Playing Live            Bennethum's Northern Inn                           6pm-9pm
  • September 24th, 2017         Ossineke United Methodist Church             Ossineke, MI                                              10:30am                   
  • September 23rd, 2017                      Block-toberfest                            Downtown Gaylord, MI                         3pm-6pm& 8pm-11pm
  •  September 16th, 2017              Mancelona Camp        6518 S. M-66 Highway Mancelona, MI                   7pm-9pm
  •  September 2nd, 2017                      Talent Showcase                                Somerset, KY                                                   ALL DAY

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